International Award for Wood Architecture 2019

The International Award for Wood Architecture awarded by the international press is an annual award which aims to reward the achievement of excellence carried out in wood architecture industry. The Award wishes to stimulate the development of innovative architectural thinking USING WOOD, whilst establishing links between countries where wood construction will play an increasingly important role. The ceremony nominates the laureate each year during the International Wood Construction Forum in France; it’s an international perspective of promoting wood architecture.

Dossier de presse


現在進行中の気候変動による途方もない災害の脅威に、積極的にそして具体的に即刻対応 していくために、木造建築関連産業界全体が関心をもち、貢献しうるのだということが、 この第9回木造建築国際フォーラムによって示された。


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